Pat Missin’s Website – the ultimate harmonica resource

Pat Missin has created the best harmonica site on the internet. Everyone ought to visit it at least once so they are aware of the vast amount of knowledge he has assembled on all aspects of harmonica.

One web page contains a selection of vintage harmonica performances recorded between 1904 and 1940. It includes recordings and historical information about Pete Hampton, Professor Dickens,  Arthur Turelly, H. J. Woodall, Henry Whitter, Borrah Minevitch, Moore and Freed, Sandlin Brothers, William Haussler, Haussler and Coutlee , W.V. Robinson, W.W. MacBeth, Gwen Foster, Willie “Red” Newman, John Sebastian and Rhythm Willie.

Here are the main sections of Pat’s website – – The main index page.

Site Contents

Fairly Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to questions about the harmonica that I am asked… um… fairly frequently.

Books by Pat Missin
Books about the harmonica and related instruments.

Uncommon Harmonica Techniques
Tips and tricks you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

A Brief History of Mouth Blown Free Reed Instruments
Ancestors and cousins of the harmonica.

Harp Gallery
Some of the more unusual harmonicas from my collection.

Harmonica 78s
Rare harmonica recordings not available anywhere else.

Harmonica Patents
Notable or curious designs found in the patent archives of several countries.

More than any sane person would ever need to know about tuning harmonicas.

Articles that I wrote back in my pre-internet days.

Reviews of new harmonicas and related products.

In case you were wondering whether I could actually play the harmonica.

Odds and Ends
Stuff that doesn’t really fit in anywhere else on this site.

Special thanks to…
… all those people who have helped me with the material presented on this website.