Harmonica History in Books

Harmonica History in Books.

Today’s harmonica world is the result of the pioneering activities of manufacturers, composers, performers and amateur players.
A lot has happened in the last 100 years but it is not very well documented or understood.
These books provide some of the backgound to the artists and the way the music developed.

         AuthorBook Title
#1Louis DelinBackstage Harmonica – Autobiography
#2Larry AdlerIt Ain’t Neccessarily So – Autobiography
#3Larry AdlerMe and my Big Mouth – more autobiography
#4Al SmithConfessions of Harmonica Addicts – A History of American Ensembles
#5Jane RodackBe of Good Cheer – Memories of Harmonica Legend, Pete Pedersen
#6Kim FieldHarmonicas, Harps and Heavy Breathers – Interviews and stories
#7Albert RaisnerLe Livre de l’Harmonica – History of The Harmonica to 1960
#8Ray GrieveA Band in a Waistcoat Pocket – The Story of Harmonica in Australia
#9Ray GrieveBoomerangs and Crackerjacks – The Harmonica in Australia, 1825-1960
#10Jerry AdlerLiving from Hand to Mouth – Larry Adler’s Younger Brother
#11Max GeldrayGone With The Wind – Autobiography of a Dutchman in England
#12Peter KrampertThe Encyclopedia of the Harmonica – Short Bios ofHarmonica Players
#13Kurt Roessler   Sie Spiel(t)en Mundharmonika – Harmonica Players
#14Fabrizio PoggiIl soffio dell’anima: armoniche e armonicisti blues
#15Martin HaeffnerHarmonica Makers of Germany and Austria
#16Martin HaeffnerHarmonicas – The Story of Hohner Brands
#17Christoph Wagner Die Mundharmonika – ein musikalischer globetrotter
#18Martin HaeffnerMade in Germany – Played in the USA
#19 Martin Haeffner“Hohner The Living Legend” – 150th Anniversary
#20Zong XiaohuaChinese Made Harmonica Illustrations
#21EditorsSeventy Years of Hong Kong Harmonica (2004),
#22CMA, NUS Harmonicist’s Handbook, 1991, Singapore
#23Gian PasquinelliSoffiando e Risoffiando – by Armonauti Trio (Italian)
#24Bruno KowalczykThe Harmonica and Traditional Québécois Music
#25Charlie McCoy50 Cents and a Box Top
#26Jean LabreMusique en bouche


You can read more information about these books and where you might be able to find them on Pat Missin’s fantastic web site about all aspects of harmonicas.

Pat Missin’s Website – the ultimate harmonica resource

Pat Missin has created the best harmonica site on the internet. Everyone ought to visit it at least once so they are aware of the vast amount of knowledge he has assembled on all aspects of harmonica.

One web page contains a selection of vintage harmonica performances recorded between 1904 and 1940. It includes recordings and historical information about Pete Hampton, Professor Dickens,  Arthur Turelly, H. J. Woodall, Henry Whitter, Borrah Minevitch, Moore and Freed, Sandlin Brothers, William Haussler, Haussler and Coutlee , W.V. Robinson, W.W. MacBeth, Gwen Foster, Willie “Red” Newman, John Sebastian and Rhythm Willie.

Here are the main sections of Pat’s website – www.patmissin.com – The main index page.

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Ancestors and cousins of the harmonica.

Harp Gallery
Some of the more unusual harmonicas from my collection.

Harmonica 78s
Rare harmonica recordings not available anywhere else.

Harmonica Patents
Notable or curious designs found in the patent archives of several countries.

More than any sane person would ever need to know about tuning harmonicas.

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