Harmonica History in Books

Harmonica History in Books.

Today’s harmonica world is the result of the pioneering activities of manufacturers, composers, performers and amateur players.
A lot has happened in the last 100 years but it is not very well documented or understood.
These books provide some of the backgound to the artists and the way the music developed.

Item # Author Book Title
#1 Louis Delin Backstage Harmonica – Autobiography
#2 Larry Adler It Ain’t Neccessarily So – Autobiography
#3 Larry Adler Me and my Big Mouth – more autobiography
#4 Al Smith Confessions of Harmonica Addicts – A History of American Ensembles
#5 Jane Rodack Be of Good Cheer – Memories of Harmonica Legend, Pete Pedersen
#6 Kim Field Harmonicas, Harps and Heavy Breathers – Profiles of the Greatest Players
#7 Albert Raisner Le Livre de l’Harmonica – A History of The Harmonica to 1960, in French
#8 Ray Grieve A Band in a Waistcoat Pocket – The Story of Harmonica in Australia
#9 Ray Grieve Boomerangs and Crackerjacks – The Harmonica in Australia, 1825-1060
#10 Jerry Adler Living from Hand to Mouth – Memoir by Larry Adler’s Younger Brother
#11 Max Geldray Gone With The Wind – An Autobiography of a Dutchman in England
#12 Peter Krampert The Encyclopedia of the Harmonica – Short Biographies of Harmonica Players
#13 Kurt Roessler Sie Spiel(t)en Mundharmonika – Short Biographies of Harmonica Players
#14 Fabrizio Poggi Il soffio dell’anima: armoniche e armonicisti blues – Short Biographies in Italian
#15 Martin Haeffner, Lars Lindenmueller
Trossingen Harmonic Museum
Harmonica Makers of Germany and Austria
#16 Martin Haeffner
Trossingen Harmonic Museum
Harmonicas – The Story of Hohner Brands in Words and Pictures – in German
#17 Christoph Wagner – Die Mundharmonika [ein musikalischer globetrotter) – in German
#18 Martin Haeffner
Trossingen Harmonic Museum
Made in Germany – Played in the USA
#19 Haik Wenzel, Martin Haeffner
Trossingen Harmonic Museum
“Hohner The Living Legend” – Celebration of their 150th Anniversary
#20 Zong Xiaohua, Wu Shenlu, Jing Xuejun Chinese Made Harmonica Illustrations – lots of images
#21 Editors Seventy Years of Hong Kong Harmonica was published in 2004, in Chinese
#22 CMA, National University of Singapore Harmonicist’s Handbook, 1991, in English
#23 Gianandrea Pasquinelli Soffiando e Risoffiando – by the leader of the Armonauti Trio (Italian)
#24 Bruno Kowalczyk, Raymond Lambert The Harmonica and Traditional Québécois Music
#25 Charlie McCoy, Travis D. Stimeling 50 Cents and a Box Top
#26 Jean Labre Musique en bouche

You can read more information about these books and where you might be able to find them
on Pat Missin’s fantastic web site about all aspects of harmonicas.

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