Stan Harper – 1921 to 2016 – The Archivist

I met Stan at the first Garden State Harmonica Festival run in New Jersey by Phil and Val Redler (2009). I was very impressed by the playing of this sprightly 88 year old. His music was full of life and emotion. He seemed to be one of the last of the Golden Age soloists. He was active into his 90s.about his contacts with StanStan Harper

My knowledge of Stan came mainly from Kim Field’s book Harmonicas Harps and Heavy Breathers. It should be compulsory reading for all harmonica players. Here are some links to on-line resources. He deserved more.

There is a Wikipedia page about Stan
It is quite detailed and has a full discography.

Here is a tribute from the Denver Mile High Harmonica club.

Here is a nice piece written by Antonio Piana about his contacts with Stan.

Eucled (Italy) are a couple in Italy who released Stan’s a CD Stan Harper Plays Novelettes and another Stan Harper Plays Fritz Kreisler..

You can get a chance to hear how well Stan played by listening to his videos on YouTube.